The following are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Who manages the property? What is the maintenance fee?
Flats to be managed by a society formed by the owners. Each owner must deposit a yearly amount to the society fund to pay for the property manager, guards, cleaning personnel, maintenance, water, water and sewage pumps, common electricity, generator (maintenance and diesel) and other incidental expenses such as repairs and replacement of equipment. At this time, the monthly fee is estimated to be 1,500 Rupees ($25 USD) per month.

Who exactly are we buying from? An individual or company?
The flats are currently privately owned. However, upon the sale of all the flats, a society will be formed by the flat owners for its management and ongoing maintenance.

Are there any restrictions on US citizens buying?
The deeds have been transferred already for a variety of foreign nationals.

Are there sales taxes, fees or other charges?
Yes, there are registration charges to transfer the property under your name. The total comes to about $1,500 USD - this could be less if the buyer is an elderly person or a female.

Are there property taxes?
Yes, but they will be minimal, being part of the society.

How is electricity paid for and arranged?
Each flat owner will have to establish an electrical connection in their own name and pay the electricity bills directly to the local electric company.

Are you willing to negotiate in US Dollars rather than rupees?
You can pay in US Dollars. However, the price will be based on the exchange rate the day you make

Do some people plan on renting their units?
If you purchase a flat, you are free to rent your unit.

Are there restrictions on children in this building?
No. There are no such restrictions.